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KINDLE The Reluctant Trader 7 June 2018.



A story of political ambition, greed, love and revenge, this fast-paced thriller follows fictional events in just one week at the end of January 2016, the start of what, by any yardstick, was an extraordinary year in British politics.

When disgraced former soldier, Adam Fraser, goes to work as an oil trader for well-connected tax-exile and billionaire, Ricky Al-Shawabi, he finds himself at the centre of a British operation trying to expose Al-Shawabi as a criminal tax evader. However, the tentacles of Al-Shawabi’s operation reach high into the British political system. Before he realises it, Fraser is embroiled in Ricky’s deadliest deal yet: supplying laundered money to ISIS in Iraq. When the authorities threaten to shut down the whole operation, little does anyone realise what the explosive repercussions are likely to be – in particular amongst those jostling to become the next UK Prime Minister.

Set in London, Monaco and Iraq, The Reluctant Trader provides a fictional backstory behind some of the extraordinary events that shaped UK politics in 2016.

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