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"David's best book yet . . .  an absolute cracker"

"Exciting and enthralling"

"Very fast moving, and a really good plot. I loved the opening - unexpected, realistic and shocking. This is an intelligent thriller that weaves together convincingly a complex world of technology, terrorism, and international political strife . . . It's a great read!"

"Once again David Robinson publishes a new Ben Lewis adventure when I am due to go on an international flight - and it doesn't half help to pass the time. Fast flowing, with multiple intertwined participants, much (necessary) violence with Lewis's military background standing him in good stead.. Great fun. Well done."

"This book grabs the reader's attention from the first page and the fast moving, action packed plot races on right up to the end of the book. It has many contemporary themes with global reach. The style is reminiscent of Frederick Forsyth with undertones of Stieg Larsson. A thoroughly worthwhile read but prepare yourself for burning the midnight oil. One of those books one cannot put down until you have reached the end."

"If you like films and series such as The Firm, Homeland and House of Cards, this is a must read that brings it all together. Work aside, I find it a tough choice: books or movies. This time for me it was the book! The twists and plot are really excellent and will keep you curious, excited and on the edge of your chair from start to finish. I hope this book will become the script for a movie: it should be!"

"A fabulous fast and furious read. Gripping from the beginning to the last word. Ben Lewis at his best so far.
Fantastically and fanatically researched - an eye opener into the workings of MI5 and MI6!!!
Write on Mr Robinson!

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