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Cybersleuth Lex Sadler and his colleague, Cat Haliday are on a quest to learn who is behind The Morpheus Network, a criminal operation that uses stolen identities to launder dirty money around the globe.

US presidential candidate, Greg Langer, a former CIA chief with high-level connections in all the wrong places has a deadly secret to hide. Langer is in urgent need of bolstering his campaign finances, so when his chief of staff suggests using the Morpheus Network to launder dirty money into Langer's campaign fund, Langer believes he has a bulletproof way to fund his ambitions to reach the White House.

However, Langer hasn't reckoned on both the cunning and ingenuity of Sadler and Haliday. With the FBI also on the hunt for the cyber criminals behind Morpheus, it soon becomes apparent that those controlling the network are much more ruthless and determined to keep their operation secret than anyone ever imagined.


In a high-octane, life and death race to expose the secrets behind the Morpheus Network, will Lex and Cat be able to expose the perpetrators before it is too late? Or are they already on a false trail that will deliberately send then down a blind alley to an early grave?

An exciting mix of ruthless hired assassins, corrupt politicians, cyber-criminals, the police and intelligence services of several countries, and our heroes, who are hi-tech private investigators.’  Amazon reviewer

Reads like a combination of Da Vinci Code and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ Amazon reviewer 

A thumping good read.’ Amazon reviewer

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