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Former Green Beret, Ben Lewis has a job to do - protecting London-based Ukrainian oligarch Arkady Nemikov and his family from his enemies. Of which there are several. Especially jealous Russians who, because of Western sanctions, are unable to participate in the kind of lucrative gas pipeline deals available to Nemikov. Life-long adversary, Viktor Plushenko, is particularly enraged by Nemikov and sends former Russian agent - now killer for hire - Oleg Panich to neutralise Nemikov and his family. Ordered to avoid repercussions against the Kremlin, Panich conceives a plan to make the demise of Nemikov and his family appear part of a coordinated campaign of terrorism against the West.


Lewis has history with Panich, having previously left the Russian agent for dead in the Swiss Alps. Panich, hungry for revenge against the former marine, recruits a small army, quietly supported by Moscow. With Nemikov's children eventually captured and held hostage in a London tube station, Nemikov's final act of retribution will be to set off a dirty bomb beneath the streets of London. 


Working hand in hand with police Detective Inspector Saul Zeltinger, is there enough time for Lewis to find Nemikov's children and thwart Panich's plans? Or will Panich's final act of revenge succeed in both killing Lewis and wreaking devastation beneath the streets of London?



Competition for Jack Reacher. So enjoyable and fast-paced that I read it without stopping.’ Amazon reviewer 


What a page-turning web of intrigue and fast-paced action.’ Amazon reviewer


This is an intelligent thriller that weaves together convincingly a complex world of technology, terrorism, and international political strife.’ Amazon reviewer

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