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A single gunshot shatters the silence in Hanover Square and Iranian journalist Leyla Zamani falls to the ground. Former Green Beret, Ben Lewis, sent to protect her, finds himself cradling her as she says her final words. Urging Lewis to take her mobile phone and expose the truth it holds, Lewis reluctantly agrees. 

Lewis's life suddenly explodes into chaos as both Russian and Chinese agents become desperate to retrieve Zamani's phone, determined to kill Lewis in the process. However, just when Lewis thinks he might have friends and allies closer to home able to help, the stakes get raised even higher. With his life in danger on multiple fronts, Lewis learns that Zamani's phone is the only clue able to reveal the location of a secret dossier that is able to expose deadly secrets.

As Lewis leads his pursuers across London, into France and then finally the Swiss Alps, will he be able to stay alive long enough to discover the truth about The Dossier? Or will a high-ranking mole double-cross him, ensuring that the only outcome certain for the former marine is death?

Is Ben Lewis an English Jack Reacher in the making?’ Amazon reviewer

A very well-written tale of international intrigue, bribery and violence.’ Amazon reviewer

A riveting read from page one.’ Amazon reviewer  

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