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Ostensibly just this disabled guy running a simple charity in a London backwater, anyone underestimating Ricky soon discovers their mistake. He’s a man driven to right some of the wrongs of the world – a man who simply doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

Or so he likes to believe.

When an abused pole dancer comes to him for help, he has little idea of the murky depths of modern-day slavery that he’s about to get dragged into. Too late he finds himself up against violent gangs smuggling migrants across Europe, people who’d go to any extremes to exploit their human cargo for profit. People who make Ricky question himself. Has he really got what it takes to stop these people? Or will he find himself losing the moral high ground, drawn into acting more like the gang leaders themselves and, in the process, sinking to their level?

What starts out as a simple matter quickly escalates into a life-or-death struggle against everything he believes he holds dear. The trouble is, as Ricky is about to discover, nothing in life ever goes according to plan …

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