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We all need a privacy policy. Mine is really quite simple.

Those selecting to subscribe to my readers’ community (“subscribers”) – the select group of my readers who are able access free book downloads, special promotions, giveaways and ‘sneak peaks’ – then the only data that those individuals ever give to me is their name and email address (their “personal data”). My promise to subscribers is that I never intend – ever– to grant permission to any third party to use such personal data in any way other than to allow me to communicate more effectively by email and electronic means directly with subscribers. Subscribers can always opt-out of my subscriber list at any time of their choosing.

For certain specific actions and services, I use third-party service providers to help make the process of interacting with subscribers more efficient.  I thus need to disclose subscribers’ personal data to a small group of third-party service providers, for the sole specific purpose of allowing me to provide subscribers with what they would like from the giveaways and promotions on offer to them. The identity of specific third-party providers may change from time to time; however, my purpose and method in using them will not.

For example, I currently use the email automation service operated by Mailchimp to manage my subscriber list. They manage and retain subscribers’ personal data on my behalf in accordance with their own privacy policy. The only personal data that is ever archived on my own computer networks relates to those readers (who may not be subscribers) who choose to email me directly. Simply because someone sends me an email, their personal data is never added to my subscriber list without their express request to do so. From time to time, I will survey my subscribers using surveys operated by Survey Monkey. I also run giveaways and promotions to potential subscribers (“interested parties”) in order to see if they would like to become subscribers –  and I will use third-party providers to do this. Although interested parties will supply their email addresses to whichever third-party service provider I choose to run a particular giveaway/ promotion, each of them will always have to opt-in before they can become subscribers. Subscribers wanting to download free e-books exclusive to my readers’ community will find that I use a third-party service provider, currently BookFunnel, to distribute books in the correct format to minimise technical download issues. Personal data collected either by myself or BookFunnel for such purposes will only be retained on the express condition that an interested party makes a clear decision to opt-in and become a subscriber.

My website is managed for me by the third-party provider, Wix. People who visit my website (“visitors”) who don’t choose to become subscribers are, to all intents and purposes, anonymous. However, in common with nearly every webpage on the internet, embedded in the web page code structures created both by Wix and myself will be tools and tracking devices that enable them – and other third party analytic programmes such as Google Analytics – to learn more about each visitor and the pages they visit. To do this, they deploy cookies (small text files that get stored in your browser) and similar tools. All visitors to my website are assumed to consent to the use of such cookies and tracking tools since they have the choice to opt out by changing the settings in their web browser. My website will, from time to time, have a variety of links to (and from) third party websites. Visitors should be aware that these websites will have their own privacy policies and security practices and I do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

Finally, and for the avoidance of doubt, although the internet is widely – and regularly – used for the transmission of various types of personal data, it is never completely secure. I will try my very best to maintain the security of your personal data once given to me by subscribers, but this is not something I can guarantee. Subscribers are deemed to understand, by virtue of their consent given when they subscribe, that I accept no liability for any loss or damage arising. Any personal data sent over the internet is at subscribers’ own risk.

If you have any complaints about this privacy policy and the way I have handled your personal data, in the first instance, please contact me at

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