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Earlier than planned, now everyone can read my new thriller!

Finally, here we are. Book Launch Day! Welcome to the world of Oleg Usmanov, Natalia and Calum Ross. I hope you enjoy each of them as new characters in The Stand-In, a sizzling new contemporary spy thriller.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who pre-ordered an e-book copy. Today you finally get to read this new thriller of mine. It means a great deal to me to have so many of you interested in my writing. Thank you, as well, to those who have been able to get your hands on an early copy of the paperback edition. If you were waiting until launch day to order your copy – e-book or paperback – now is the moment to go and buy it!

Despite a number of people preferring to use Kobo and other non-Kindle e-book formats, I apologise that, for the time being, The Stand-In is only available through Amazon. For independent authors, Amazon make it so much more attractive to launch exclusively through them. I know this will disappoint a few of you out there. I think Jeff Bezos and his team at Amazon must have been one of the few businesses to profit massively from our topsy-turvy nightmare-ish world this last month. Some might think that a pity. In practice, we have to live with the reality we are facing.

As a result, I need to make this a virtual book launch, relying on friends, family and supporters to help get news about this book out there. I hope that all of you reading this might be able to do your bit to help me as well. I can’t hand out free books and promotional literature this time around. Nor can I knock on doors and leaflet people. If you enjoy my books, please do what you can to help promote this book to your wider family, work colleagues and friends.

A massive thank you from me in advance for all your support and help.

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